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The Nevada Museum of Art has deep roots

when it comes to art and environment. Founded in 1931 by a small group of plein-air landscape painters, the Museum has always understood the importance of examining how humans interact with natural, built and virtual environments. Beginning in 2009, the Museum decided to dedicate its curatorial, scholarly, and research endeavors to the study of art and environments with the creation of the Center for Art + Environment (CA+E), an internationally recognized research center.

The mission of the Center is to be a global leader in supporting the practice, study, and awareness of creative interactions between people and their environments.

The goals of the Center are threefold: To encourage the creation of artworks expressing the interaction between people and their natural, built, and virtual environments; To convene artists, scholars, and communities to document, research, and analyze such artworks; and To increase public knowledge of these creative and scholarly endeavors.

The Center also operates the CA+E Research Library, administers an annual CA+E Fellows Program, and maintains an extensive Archive Collection.